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Sergej van Middendorp


Good blog here. I am busy trying both actively and passively to learn how blogging fits into both the larger IT, KM as well as publishing picture. A good recent development I see is the blogging in the traditional publishing sector. Two business week editors published a cover story on business blogging a few months ago and started their own blog on businessweek: http://www.blogspotting.com Their blog is clearly recognizable as authentic within a professional website context. Two weeks ago they assembled a conversation they were having in their blog about blog search and wrote an online article, published in the more formal businessweek online section. A week later, a polished version with more context for non-bloggers was published in the magazine. They also write about their own process and the differences for them in blogging and formal publishing. Definitely worth a look.


I well know it's not a formal KM blog, and not related to your thought/product development process but if you're talking pure website integration, the Jamie Oliver site is a good interface:

John Curran

Thanks for the link Ed. I'm a big fan of the Jamie Oliver approach to cooking but on a more professional level the site is a good example of neat integration of a number of elements to create a lively and very useable site (even the phpBB integation has been thought about carefully).

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