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Martin Röll

Hi John! It was good to meet you. I hope we find more time for conversation next time!


Nice one John,

It reads like you *quite* enjoyed it. I've just finished the feedback and it's good - with the constructive comments I hoped for from such an expert crowd. Post event information is here:


Most of us noted that day 2 was a little OTT; many of us reached conversation-overload-induced delirium I believe (!) - the thematic point of it being slightly waylaid because the whole 'wiki emergence' experiment didn't happen, but there you go we all knew it was an experiment. I am proud that everyone tried the wiki (well over 50 % of us had not used one ever before); all ages and all technical abilities. And the wiki process will learn much from our findings (report will be made public).

What we have now is clear results from KB's deliberately risky alternative to the powerpoint focused events we all know - and can work back to the middle ground. On day 3 (KB internal SIG editors meeting day), Andrew Lewis presented an absolutely fascinating presentation about Accenture's active, working real-world KM system which handles upwards of 1,000 projects every month, and raised vigorous debate about the industrialisation of Knowledge. This made me think we should have had a couple of diametrically opposed presentations in between the workshops. And then perhaps a yoga session. And walking. And other stuff...

Thanks for coming and lending your support and your belief.


John Curran

The debate on the 'industrialisation of knowledge' sounds a good one. Reminds me of a book I read ages ago called 'The Industrialisation of Intelligence' (Kennedy, 1989).

Learning german

Its all in the manual they make you read before they download your being into those tiny bodies in those dark wombs.

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