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Ton Zijlstra

Hi John,

It was great meeting you again. The fringe was a lot of fun. Next year I am sure we and KnowledgeBoard can do this cheaper and more easily ourselves. And not just once a year either!

Sorry to have missed the session of Piers and yourself, but a client had a bigger claim on my time that day.



Patricia Wolf

Dear John,

I think the photos at the beginning (the fringe- not the fringe) are showing the difference between what we did and the rest of the conference very clearly. Let's not stopp walking around, listening to music and (even more important) to each other, giving everybody the chance to speak and facilitate networking!

I enjoyed those two days very much. Thanks to everybody, and keep in touch!


Ed Mitchell

Glad you liked it John - and good to see some of your photos too :) I enjoyed it a lot and hope that 2006 brings us more opportunities to meet and exchange ideas. Next time you're in Bristol, drop by for tea.


Great pictures John! (were you ever a graphic designer / photographer in a former life? ;-) )
Cheers, Carol

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